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7 June 2013


I've thought about blogging for a while. I love writing. I have always loved writing. I love telling stories. I even started to do a double major in Creative Writing (along with my Phsych Degree) in University till I realised I couldn't be the type of writer they were wanting to shape us into. That didn't stop me totally though, and through the various whippet forums I'm on (Whippet World, The Whippet Forum) and more recently Facebook, my creative streak has come back. Mostly it's just telling stories about the dogs and things that are going on in our lives, I have so much in my head that I want to write about breeding Drama as a followup to the Musings of a First Time Breeder that I did for Teya, but life just kind of ticked along and got in the way.

Recently a couple of real life friends have commented about both mine and Nick's Facebook posts and how they enjoy our writing and our sense of humour and suggested that we should start doing more 'official' writing (Nick has also always been a writer by nature). So I started thinking about adding a blog section to our website. Then yesterday I wrote a post on Whippet World about something that happened and a member there was wonderfully encouraging about my writing and how she can 'see' the pictures in her head that I paint with my words. Thank you so much for that! So that finally has pushed me to take the plunge and open a blog.

For now I will probably go back through things Nick and I have already posted on the forums or on Facebook, but I'll add things as they come to mind. Hopefully we won't bore you all to tears (assuming we have or gain any followers LOL).

So for those who have always encouraged me in my writing, and for the new friends who have done so recently - thank you, but you may regret it!


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