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1 September 2013

Random Thoughts While Running...

Following on from Friday's blog entry of my run on the same airshow weekend as 2 years ago...

I am in the final stretch of training for the New Forest Marathon - my first Full Marathon.  Today I ran 17 miles in 3 hours (give or take a bit I'm ignoring), which makes a full marathon time of 4 hours 30 minutes (give or take a bit I'm ignoring).

Today's random thoughts while running included:
  • 8 am would be the perfect time to run if if didn't involve getting up at 7 am
  • Running along a quayside is much more fun when you're not running in and out of tourists who have a habit of stopping    For    No    Apparent    Reason.
  • Normally I hate everyone when I run. The young people who run past me; the old people who run past me; the fat people who run past me; the fat dogs who run past me; and in particular the people who run past me while talking. HOW DO YOU TALK AND RUN AT THE SAME TIME??? I can't even think when I run, let alone talk. Today was different. Today as I ran across Baiter Park, a gentle harbour breeze blowing across, I was coursed at full pelt by a whippet (not one of mine), who would do several figure eights around me at 90 miles an hour, before jogging by my side and giving me a look that said "you are the worst bunny I've ever come across". Then off he'd go for a few more 90 mile an hour circuits , before appearing at my side again with a look that said "you're really not getting the hang of this are you"
  • Kudos to the mum who grabbed her 4 year old and told her she couldn't just wander up to the loveable old bull mastiff and say hello
  • Daggers to the same mum who continued to drag her daughter away from the loveable old mastiff like he was a devil dog, turning common sense into a fear
  • Harry Redknapp (very famous football manager who lives in one of the big coastal houses I run past) was sat out at a cafe having a Sunday morning coffee, chatting away and doing photos and autographs. Seems like a genuinely nice bloke.
  • The only thing better than stopping at traffic lights (while driving home afterward) and seeing the red arrows jet display team fly overhead, is stopping at traffic lights, looking through your sunroof, and seeing a Wellington bomber flanked by 2 Spitfires fly overhead
And Finally...
  • You know you've lived too long / been married too long / been running too long when a beautiful woman walks towards you along the quay, skimpy skin tight outfit, carrying a flattish silver box with a birthday bow on top, and your first thought is "Mmmm. Cake!"

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